About Us


The Nanyang Technological University (the “University”) has taken a pro-active approach in its strategy on innovation and entrepreneurship across the campus, bringing innovation to the heart of the University’s activities and as an equal partner to the more traditional activities of teaching and research.

Nanyang Technological University-NTUitive Pte Ltd (“NTUitive” for short) is the University’s innovation and enterprise company. NTUitive supports the University’s mission to develop an innovative ecosystem to encourage innovation, foster entrepreneurship and facilitate the commercialisation of research.

NTUitive’s challenge is to create an environment where there is a shared vision of innovation and academic entrepreneurship; where faculty and students are encouraged to explore opportunities, take measured risks, learn from failure and challenge long-held assumptions.

NTUitive is responsible for managing the intellectual property assets of the University and to help take technology from the lab to the marketplace. Its activities are intended to translate the outcome of research efforts into economic benefits and improve people’s lives. At the same time it supports the University’s mission to make innovation and entrepreneurship a defining feature of the University’s brand of education. These efforts are expected to lead to the creation of the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and new business ventures.

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I – Integrity

Integrity is the fundamental value that guides the work of every individual in the NTUitive team. Relationships are authentic and business decisions are evaluated and made based on specific needs and requirements to insure a successful outcome.


E – Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is at the heart of NTUitive’s work. All staff members are passionate about technology, innovations and its applications. They are regarded as the professionals who are “in-the-know” of the latest technology ideas and industry developments, especially in the areas of technology transfer, intellectual property and start-up creation.


T – Tenacity

Tenacity is the relentless pursuit of excellence to evaluate possible opportunities and commercialise viable technology research, as well as incubate successful enterprises. It also represents the perseverance, resilience and diligence in each staff member in their area of specialty, regardless of disciplines.





T – Temerity

Temerity recognises the bold confidence, courage and audacity to take calculated risks and stand up for ideas with potential. It also motivates the organisation to challenge the norms and achieve positive results.


T – Teamwork

Teamwork is the commitment to a common mission, vision and objectives. It also represents the collaborative nature of NTUitive’s activities and work environment where every professional is a valued member. Extending beyond the internal team members, teamwork also includes working with our entrepreneurs, faculty and industry partners to achieve a common goal.