Policy On Intellectual Property

The aim of the University in conducting research is the pursuit of knowledge for enriching the minds and lives of staff and students, and for the benefit of society as a whole. The University depends upon financial support primarily from the government and other organisations for its research activities. Consistent with this premise, the University seeks to ensure that any resultant intellectual property (IP) is administered in the public interest. As IP issues can be fairly complex and there cannot be rules to address every single possible situation, the IP Policy seeks to provide guidelines that can be applied consistently to arrive at a position that is as equitable as possible to all parties concerned. The main objective of the IP Policy is above all to facilitate the transfer of technology from the University to industry in order that research conducted at the University results in applications that benefit the public.

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NTU’s IP Policy was revised in 2014 to allow inventors to share in the returns of commercialisation income earlier. Before the revision, expenses incurred (such as patenting expenses) were first deducted before the remaining revenue was distributed. This meant that if there was substantial expenses e.g. for patenting, inventors might not receive any returns till much later. Following the policy change, recovery of expenses will be limited to up to 20% of each income distribution. This change means that inventors can share in the commercialisation proceeds much earlier.