Past Events

Nanyang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop

NTUitive has developed its own boot camp known as the Nanyang Innovation and Entrepreneurship Workshop (NIEW) to better equip and empower entrepreneurs through a series of 8 specialised workshops covering the fundamentals of setting up, growing and managing a business. This structured programme is intended for aspiring entrepreneurs who wish to build up their skills in running their start-up operations.

Over 1,200 students have thus far attended this programme conducted by industry mentors.

NIEW Investment Activity
1 Why Start-ups? A basic introduction to entrepreneurship and start-up operations
2 Business Development Advanced discussions on how to start-up and develop a business
3 Presentation How to prepare presentation materials to customers
4 Sales An in-depth understanding on how to do a proper sales pitch
5 Media Media handling and cultivation of media relations
6 Advertisement and Promotion Preparing an effective advertisement and promotion programme to impact sales positively
7 Finance Essential financial skills to handle financial
8 IP Management Covers basis of IP, commercialization considerations, licensing and collaboration agreements (Key terms/significant issues)
9 Innovation Management How to manage the entire innovation process

Participants who have successfully completed the first 4 modules of the workshop series are encouraged to develop their business ideas under a mentored “pre-incubator” programme. This pre-incubation programme combines entrepreneurship education and mentoring to help prospective entrepreneurs learn what they need to know to begin and sustain a business. The uniqueness of this programme is in its ability to allow entrepreneurs to complete their market research, business strategy and grant applications before company formation. The physical separation in environment between school and business creation allows students to concentrate on the task at hand without distraction. Those who benefited from the programme will be pioneers in future technology start-ups.